Participants’ testimonials

TAHA COŞKUN (22): “We are one.”

-I am learning political science and I want to learn how people involved in young people and this project helped me to know and understand these things.


CANER ŞEKER (22): “It was a blast!”

-I am so happy to be here. I had a lot of fun times with a lot of new information about our topic.”


ROBERT DRAGOMIR (18): “Drink less , dance more.”

-It was an awesome project. I developed a lot of skills and I want to do it again!”



-It was an interesting experience. I had a lot of fun and I am happy to meet new people and we create together a youth policy.



-The project was funny and informative for me. I managed to improve myself in this project and got new friends.



-The project was really busy but it was like a vacation too. It was my first project and I really like it. So I want to go another Erasmus+ project in the future.



-The project was a great success. What I liked the most was the  EcoBatucada workshop.


DIANA JOCA(18) – Others don`t get even with the plane where I am now.

-This prrrrrroject was a verrrry good ocasion for me to make  new frrrriends and to crrreate new experiences.


Gamze Gündoğdu (21) – Always laughing

-The project was awesome, where I liked the most were the energizers.


Costin Oncioiu(20) – Party hard, work harder

– After this project I can say  I learned a lot about the Black Sea’s issues. I directly tried to expose my ideas in order to change something. Besides that,I learned a lot about other cultures and  I made new friends.


Madalina Vilcan (18)

-It was wonderful. I met new friends and also made new friendships.


Isa Gundagdu (30) – Live green, live happier

-I`m so happy to participe in this project, I met amazing people from each country. I am returning to my country with enteresting ideas and more aware of the protection of the Black Sea.


Halim Lafci (28) – “Body doesn’t get wet with the fallig of shades into the water.”

-Everything is very beautiful and I want to come again. I am so glad I met different persones from different countries.


Ervin Torok(19)

It is a very nice project and here you learn a lot of things that you don’t learn in school and the team is very competent. All the participants were very involved.



Sea, party, friends, learn, these are 4 words which describe perfectly this project.


Oguz Onur(33)

I made the most of every moment in this project, I’m so glad to be here. If I’m invited as an expert once again, I will be super happy to be here. Thank you!


Serkan Surmeli(45)

This is the most high quality project I’ve ever been into for the last 10 years, this success both belongs to Dan and also the participants.


Katarina Janakova (20) – ‘Enjoy life!’

This project is a great opportunity to get a knowledge about the situation of the Black Sea and I think this kind of event is the best way to think about the real action to help the Black Sea.


Roland Novotny (21) – ‘When other people are giving up I am going further.’

This project has interesting topic, it is a good opportunity to know about protection of Black Sea, and to improve English skills.


Rui Pereira (29) – ‘Let it roll, baby roll.’

To be able to join a great location like the Black Sea with an incredible opportunity of learning about policy writing and environmental protection, are the main reasons this project totally rocked. The amazing people who I got to meet were the perfect bonus.


Karin Mendelova (22) – ‘Choose life.’

I really enjoyed this project because it wasn’t just about formal activities but I learnt also from the activities such as ecobatucada, environmental art exhibition where I could put my creativity and make people aware of the problems.


Attila Fabian (29) – ‘Time is money.’

This project was super amazing. It was a great experience for me.


Karina Bystrianska (18) – ‘Better oops than what if.’

I think this project is very good because it’s on the seaside, of course! There are many amazing people.


Zuzana Varova (20) – ‘Life is like a rollercoaster.’

I’m so happy I got the chance to participate in this project! Both the workshops and the free time activities were very enriching. It has been one of the best exchanges that I have ever been to mostly because of the amazing people.


Aneta Ivanicova (20) – ‘Should I Stay Or Should I Go’

I’m very happy to have met the amazing people, especially the Turkish! I really enjoyed the workshops and was always excited when we played ecobatucada together. I will also miss the amazing food.


Kristof Takacsy (22) – ‘Everybody gets what they deserve.’

The subject of the project is very interesting, it has a lot of potential and I cannot wait until the end, because I am curious how the policy will turn out.


Nikola Simcova (25) – ‘Free your mind!’

These projects are a great way to meet awesome people from different countries and also understand youth policies, and try to make a difference.


Jaroslav Sifra (19) – ‘Wake up early!’

If you decide to come to a project like this, you have nothing to lose. I decided to try it and I don’t regret it because I have gained a lot of experience.


Richard Mezei (27) – ‘Focus!’

The project was beautiful. It was nice to spend some time near the shipwreck. So many beautiful minds…


Dimitar Peev (33) – ‘Sky is the limit!’

I am happy to see so many young people here who care about the Black Sea. We can exchange our opinions and ideas, and create the youth policy.


Georgi Tsenkov (25) – ‘The best or nothing!’

I like the idea about clean nature because I am interested in healthy lifestyle and love the nature.


Hristo Shopov (24) – ‘Keep it real.’

It was a very positive experience. I have learnt a lot on the topic. The organisation was very efficient and practical.


Stela Ivanova (24) – ‘There aren’t impenetrable fortresses, there are weak attacks.’

I loved every minute of the project. I have met new people and improved my English.


Almina Itsova (20) – ‘If it scares you it is worth it!’

This is my first project and I love everything about it. I liked the people, the topic of the project, the activities, the free time and everything else. I learnt how to work in group and practised my English skills. I have also learnt a lot about the problems of the pollution of the Black Sea, and about the other three participating countries.


Svetlina Angelova (17) – ‘Think green, live green!’

I loved that I met new people and made some new friends. I also managed to make new memories. I am happy that I improved my English speaking skills.


Tanya Todorova (20) – ‘Happiness takes place inside us not in the outside.’

I liked the numerous creative activities, and I also enjoyed that we only had to participate when we were comfortable to do so. Moreover, I loved the food and the friendly people.


Kristyan Gerchev (26) – ‘There is always room for improvement.’

I liked that I managed to communicate with people from various countries and that I made some useful connections. I felt that I participated in doing something useful for the environment. I am thankful for the opportunity to be able to speak in English so I improved my speaking skills.


Lidia Stefanova (24) – ‘Don’t worry, be happy.’

The project is well organised; the atmosphere is friendly. The people are very nice and interesting.


Bogdan Vilcan (20) – ‘The life begins at the edge of your comfort zone.’

I’m really amazed about this project, the participants show interest, the team is very good. It is the proper time to make the voice of the youth heard. I am glad that representatives of the mass media, locals and decision makers show interest about the topic and they are supporting us. I’m glad that I spent beautiful time with friends.


David Musca (17) – ‘Live a life you will remember.’

I think this project is an incredible way of rising the awareness towards protecting the Black sea. My experience here has been great and I met beautiful and extremely involved young people.


Radu Moisa (18) – ‘Dream big, work hard.’

I think it is a great opportunity to learn something to develop and improve some skills.


Oana Pop (18) – ‘Don’t let small minds convince you that your dreams are too big.’

It was my second project and it was a great experience because I had a chance to develop myself, to learn along with young people and in the same time enrich myself with great memories and good friends.


Bianca Joca (20) – Enjoy the little things.

What I mostly liked about this project was the fact that the participants were creative and very involved.








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