Creative Solidarity

The rationality for our project, Creative Solidarity, is grounded in the synergy among various organisations and people from different communities to promote solidarity and work together for the
common goal of developing the 10 rural communities through education and promoting European identity and values.

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Our project is aimed to contribute to community development through education. Also we aim that by the work of our 3 volunteers to empower young people from the 10 communities to take advantage by the international opportunities offered by programmes such as the ESC and E+. The objectives of our project are the

1. Raise awareness through 150 workshops of street animation and nonformal activities in the 10 rural communities we work with from Harghita and Mures Counties (Bilbor, Corbu, Ghimes-Faget, Lunca de Sus, Lunca de Mijloc, Lunca de Sus, Deda, Siculeni and Sancraieni and Sandominic) towards possibilities of community development by education and the European identity and values, especially in Unity in Diversity by opening these communities to different cultures and international opportunities.

2. Capacitate the three volunteers to use street animation and nonformal learning activities in promoting community development and the European identity and values while working with more than 1500 young people aged 13-18, facing fewer opportunities from rural areas;

3. Increase the synergies between the 10 rural communities, Young Europe Society and international volunteers to collaborate in developing together quality solidarity activities with long term mutual benefits.

4. Contribute to the chances of all our three volunteers to access the labour market in
positions that reflect their specialisation and training


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