Bike tour to promote active lifestyle and eco-friendly means of transport

Tallinn, Estonia to Kouty, Czech Republic (1.729 km)

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Day 10 – 02.08.2017

Last night it was a very weird one. It was very warm and for a few hours a storm was about to start. A lot of lightnings, thunders, powerful wind and just a few drops of rain. In the last 40 km to Kaunas we biked slowly and we took breaks for breakfast and ice-cream. Now we have reached Kaunas and we are exhausted.

We stop our bike tour here and we will take a direct bus to Brno, Czech Republic. It is beyond our powers to manage to bike the rest almost 1000 km in 5 days. I want to thank all the people who have followed us on the route. It was an amazing experience and an unique way of seeing the three Baltic Countries.

Day 9 – 01.08.2017

Today was a prolific day: we biked 133 km through Pasvalys, where we had breakfast, Panevezys where the first of uncountable rains for today caught us and finally Ziogaiciai, the place where we have set the tent. Today we tried Lithuanian cuisine in a restaurant by the side of the road and it made us miss already Latvia. Dinner was better since we resumed to the classical bread, butter and cheese. That is it for today, see you tomorrow!

Day 8 – 31.07.2017

We woke up quite late and we started the preparations. By 13:00 we left behind Riga. We went through Stunisi to Iecava, very bad quality roads and from Bauska to the border with Lithuania on equally poor quality roads. Besides these roads today we biked on E67, a heavily circulated road. We had to stop twice because of rain but still we managed to do 96 km from our road towards Kaunas. Now we are in Lithuania on road 3104 and we set the tent somewhere near Kyburiai. Sweet dreams!

Day 7 – 30.07.2017

The night in a wet tent was far from pleasurable. We woke up very early and we started to pedal. We had a good rhythm and we have reached the outskirts of Riga by 14:00. We have check in a cheap hotel to rest and wash our clothes. After we explored a bit Riga, found new bikes to try out but we decided to keep ours. Tomorrow we continue towards Lithuania. That is it for today. See you!

Day 6 – 29.07.2017

In the morning we woke up with the sound of the rain on our tent. It rained, rained, rained and rained some more. After a few hour of waiting, we decided to start in the rain anyway. It was not easy to pack everything on rain but we managed. We started to bike and after about three hours the rain stopped. About the same time, we have found a small restaurant where we had excellent food. Today we biked about 70 km and we still have about 95 to Riga. We hope tomorrow to reach Riga. Now we are in another restaurant by the road where we had excellent food again and in the toilet, they have showers so it’s cleaning time for us. We need to install fast the tent so it can dry a bit before we go to sleep. See you tomorrow!


Day 5 – 28.07.2017

We slept long and it took us quite a while to start biking. Around 15:00 we were departing from Voru. We have reached Suur Munamagi, the highest “mountain” of Estonia (318 m). Since its top was covered with pine trees we couldn’t see the panorama. Luckily, we were not the only ones interested to see it so in 1912 the Estonians have built a tower so tourists and locals can enjoy the view. We have paid 6 Euros and we have seen Estonia from the tower. Pretty nice. We have left the mountain to make a 5 km detour on a unpaved forestry road. We returned to the main track and we passed Plaani. The road was gravel road and we went on it till Latvia. It was amazing to cross the borderline on a bike. Because of so many mosquitos, we could not enjoy the moment too much. We continued through A2 (E77) a great road with not too many cars try to reach the South point of Estonia. After around 25 km on the good and very fast road, we turned right according to the indications of our GPS. We have reached a dead end with a huge sign “Private Property”. This sign did not discourage us, we continued another kilometer till we have met the owners of that property. They seemed nice and told us how we can reach the South point of Estonia through Latvia. We have had to cross a swamp, huge vegetation and mosquitos that bite your back through t-shirt and jacket but we finally made it. We continued for another 10 min on our bikes and stopped to camp. Dinner was harsh because of mosquitos but now we are in the tent and here we have managed to kill around 30 already. Hope there are none left. Good night!



Day 4 – 27.07.2017

We have camped for the night in Pikkjare next to a beautiful lake. In the morning the sun woke us up and we soon started to bike. Today we have reached Tartu where we met Maanus Avik, representative of Youth Europa Estonia. After a few hours of great conversation and after seeing Tartu we continued to the South. The weather got rainy so we got a bit wet. In Polva we had dinner next to a gas station and then tried to camp somewhere. That was not easy since we couldn’t find the right forest. Eventually, we have stopped in Vaimela, a small town and we camped in the center next to a lake and a beach. The place was amazing.



Day 3 – 26.07.2017

Another day without having a clock telling me what time I woke up. So far Estonian weather treats us very kindly: no rain at all, sun – actually a bit too much sun. I suffer from sunburns on face arms and shoulders. We have had great breakfast in Kadrina after about one hour of biking. This time we skipped watermelon. From Kadrina we continued through Assamalla, Valke-Maarja, Rakke and Jogeva. Now we are in a shopping center in Jogeva where we managed to shower in a toilet for disabled persons. It is still only 19:00 so I think that today we could reach Tabivere and camp by the lake. Today I did not took any pictures but I recorded some great footage that we will include in the clip. Till tomorrow I wish you all the best.




Day 2 – 25.07.2017

I have no idea what time we woke up. We try to save battery so we only turn on the phone to check if we are on the good road. It is great to live without a clock. We took an amazing breakfast at Loksa where the local supermarket provided us with watermelon, chocolate and of course cheese. It was around three when we have reached the most North point of Estonia and we took great pictures. We continued our journey by heading South. Now we are in Viitna, found a nice fast food and celebrate dinner. Shortly we will head towards Kadrina but we will stop to pitch the tent in the first good place we see since it is already 21:30. See you tomorrow.



Day 1 – 24.07.2017

We have started our ride as early as 9:30 AM. However, leaving Tallinn behind was much harder then we initially expected. After a few stops clothes store, a bank, the tax office and of course at a store to buy bread and water we finally saw the Tallinn exit sign at 15:00.

We aimed to reach today most North point of Estonia but since the highway seemed not the most picturesque road we decided to head North by the coast. By 16:20 we got lost. After a detour of 8.4 km, we were again on track. Hunger stroke by 19:30 and we stopped under a mushroom to eat our dinner. We also had desert blue berries and wild strawberries. At 20:10 when we started to bike again we realized that we will not reach today’s plan. In the middle of nowhere, we have met a lovely lady who gave us water. A bit after 22:00 we found a great place to pitch the tent a few kilometers after Pudisoo. 23:01 I’m in the tent, Alice is here also and we write to you.

The first day was an amazing full of joy and good weather. Spirits are high, our legs powerful, only our asses started to hurt from biking. Good night!


The idea of a bike trip came during the partnership building tour me, Dan Vilcan and Alice Merk, project coordinators at Young Europe Society (Romanian NGO active in the field of youth and active lifestyle) undertook in Estonia in order to strengthen the collaboration between Young Europe Society and Eesti People to People and Youth Europe (our Estonian partner organisations active in the field of youth). During the discussions, we raised the issue of the environmental footprint of our Erasmus+ projects. In each mobility, we have numerous flights taken by our participants that contribute significantly to the CO2 emissions.


Next destination for us is the Erasmus+ training course “Draw Your Story”, project on graphical facilitation that will take place in Kouty, Czech Republic between 8-15th August 2017. In order to set a good example for the participants in Erasmus+ projects and to raise awareness about the importance of active lifestyle and necessity to reduce our environmental footprint me and Alice will bike from Tallinn to Kouty between 24th July and 7th August. The preparation for the bike trip already started. We have bought one vintage bike (we still need one) and a tent but still there are plenty arrangements to be made. At the finish, we plan to donate our bikes and equipment to a Four Links, local NGO from Czech Republic active in the field of personal development of young people and outdoor recreational activities.


On the road, we have planned meetings with representatives of organisations active in the field of youth and promotion of active lifestyle. Our bike trip does not follow the direct short way but makes several detours to explore the beauties of the European natural landscape. During the 1729 km we will bike in five countries (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Czech Republic).


If you want to follow our journey we invite you to visit Y.E.S. Bike Trip between 24th July and 7th August 2017 and our Facebook page event. At the end of each day, we will post the journal of the day, photos and videos that document our journey. At the end of the trip we will create a promotional video and a journal of the entire experience.

We invite you to support us and our cause by sending encouraging messages on Facebook. Also you can provide our bike trip with material support. In return, we promise to send you a personal postcard and a letter from the way. You can donate to us by pressing this button.


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