The Erasmus+ youth exchange “Digital Bartering” unfolded between 20.08-01.09.2018 in Mehadia, Romania. It gathered 48 young participants from Romania and Slovakia that were guided and supported by 6 group leaders in order to learn more about successful freelancing through digital marketing.

The project aimed to increase the sense of  initiative of the young participants with regards to s freelancing as well as to develop their competences on digital marketing which will help to enter the global labour market as the freelancer considering the growth of online advertising. The objectives reached by the current project are the following:

  • the 48 young participants understood the benefits of freelancing and how they can make full use of the digital marketing tools and instruments in order to promote themselves;
  • the 48 young participants had the chance to exchange ideas and attitudes towards freelancing and identified by themselves suitable tools that can be used in freelancing;
  • the 48 young participants understood better the possibilities of freelancing and how could benefit in the future of the opportunities of Erasmus+ programme.


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