Entrepreneurial Youths in Visual Media

Entrepreneurial Youths in Visual Media” was a project organized by Young Europe Society in partnership with four other non-governmental organisations form Macedonia, Slovakia, Turkey and Bulgaria and funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Comission.

The youth exchange took place in Bălan, Romania between 25 October and 5 November 2017 and reunited 40 young participants aged between 18-24 years old and 12 group leader, 4 of whom facilitated the activities. The YE provided an answer to the need of encouraging young people towards entrepreneurial activities while capacitating them with the basic knowledge on how to conduct a successful visual marketing campaign by the means of Photography, Video-Making and Web-development.

The current project was a follow up of a previous highly successful YE “Entrepreneurial Youths” and it finds its origin in the “PBA – youth employment and entrepreneurship” where together with our partners we have identified the need to not just encourage the young people towards entrepreneurship but also to capacitate them to build up a relevant marketing campaign by making extensive use of Photography, Video-Making and Web-development.

We invite you to watch the following promotional video and find out more about the project.



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