About Entrepreneurial Youths in Visual Media

The EU-28 unemployment rate among young people in 2014 was 26.3 % for those aged 15-19, 20.6% for those aged 20-24 and 13.6 % for the oldest age group 25-29. A potential answer to the jobs crisis is youth entrepreneurship, a different form of employment that can bring something new in the business sector through developing the potential of young people.

One of the drawbacks of the young entrepreneurs is that they undermine the importance of visual marketing, namely to include photos, videos and web presence in the advertising strategy of their business. Studies have shown that: “90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60.000 times faster in the brain than text”, “40% of people will respond better to visual information than plain text”, “visual content drives engagement”, “on Facebook, photos perform best for likes, comments and shares as compared to text, video and links”, http://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/33423/19-Reasons-You-Should-Include-Visual-Content-in-Your-Marketing-Data.aspx).


– To raise awareness among the young participants about the importance of the entrepreneurial sector in a market economy and make them aware of the process of starting an entrepreneurial activity until the end of the project.

– Empower all the participants with the basic knowledge and skills in conducting a successful visual marketing campaign by the efficient use of Photography, Video-Making and Web-development means until the end of the project.

– Capacitate the  young participants to involve in the DEOR process and share the newly acquired knowledge, skills and attitudes with their peers in the communities they come from, until the end of the project.

Methods like brainstorming, strategic planning, preparation of business plan and indicative planning of the costs, besides various team building games, simulation exercises, role play exercises, competitions, presentations, open discussion, facts and figures and creative work were implemented during the YE. Youngsters worked on making their own business plan that will enable them to put their ideas into reality and they learned how to correlate their business strategy with one strategy for Digital Marketing. The participants had the chance to learn more about culture in general, differences and similarities among different ones, as well as have a chance to develop a link and cooperation in the future.


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