Dissemination of the project’s results

In Bulgaria our participants organized a dissemination workshop inside the organisation of ICDET and also inside the University of Sofia, where the students found out about the objectives of our project, the activities and discovered opportunities of the Erasmus+ programme.


In Macedonia the participants shared their impressions about the project inside the High School of Gevgelija. The young students found out which are the steps for opening a business and how to use the multimedia instruments in their advantage. Our participants ensured the visibility of the Erasmus+ , informing the students which never had contact with the programme about the its opportunities and how to benefit.

Our participants from Turkey  together with Serkan Surmeli, one of the groum leaders disseminated the results of our project inside the Vocational High School and the University of Ordu. Rusumat 4GSK is very connected the schools nearby Ordu and with the University and every time they succeeded to engage new people to take part in international projects.

The organisation published an article after the mobility and implemented a dissemination event with the representatives of other local an regional non-governmental organisations in order to make exchange of good practices and open new collaborations.

The participants form Slovakia organised a dissemination event inside the High School of Filakovo where they presented the project and the results to their colleagues which shown interest in the Erasmus+ programme after the workshop.

In Romania our participants implemented a dissemination event in the Secondary School of Bilbor, introducing the young  students the Erasmus+ programme and also the methodologies of opening a business.

Adela Mustatea organised a dissemination workshop inside the University of Bucharest where she presented to some of her colleagues about the ways of creating promotional content using photo and video editing, as well as web design.


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