Dear visitor, on this page you will find some general impressions and thoughts of participants regarding the experience they had during this youth exchange and a drop of their emotions at the end.

I dont know how to start my words but i know that so many emotions has left there. It was a great synergy between all of us as participants and trainers. So as i participated more than 20 project, i can easily say that; this project was one of my favourite and most effective one. The town where we stayed was small but we created a huge place with our friendship. Also we developed our skills on entrepreneurial field with effectively creative workshops and visual sections. So project is completely done as in procedures. And we have gained so many positive vibes as extra! I would like to thank to all participants and trainers again for lighting up my world and giving me a chance to be a part of this amazing projectAnıl Hayat

Doing an international project is always interesting. But Balan was amazing we pitched our business dreams, we learned to work with other participants of other countries. Together we made a unforgettable week, friends that no matter where in the world we look back at our memories and smile. We grew, we learnt and we enjoyed every second-Andreia Teixeira


I was sceptic about the performance of the Bulgarian team, since there were more than 100+ participants from two parallel projects and I had to lead 9 young people from my country. However, the logistics and organization of the project was serious and the 10-day mobility was a success at the end. I can easily say, that the project was successful-Zahari Vaklinov

The project was very beautiful. Before going there I had some prejudice about participating a project in romania because of cold weather. But accomodation was great we had very warm weathers so cold weather didn’t create any problem. Also we had some good workshops. Some of them made us think about our journey to there and some of them taught us new things. Last of all, people were great. Project team was very helpful about everything. In general, it was a great project for meYiğit Başpınar

First of all, being a part of an international group helped me to understand and get to know other cultures.We enjoyed and learned a lot during the project. I think that it gave me a better point of view about entrepreneuralship.It helped me understand many basic features, as the meaning of marketing and how it helps running a company. Organization was very nice and program was interesting. During the project the atmosphere was very friendly. It was an amazing experience for me-Cansu Ak

The project meet my expectations, I got to know a lot about the topic, I enjoyed every time with other participants and in the future I would like to go for more erasmus+ projects-Antonio Czakó




It was my first time at a project and i love the concept of everything. Greatest thing was building new friendships with people who are there. The activities were amazing for connecting. But the best in my opinion were the international nights when everyone was presenting their culture, country, dances and most importantly the drinksAleksandar Cvetkoski



I think the project was an overall success for each of the participants. Along the project we succeeded to gain new abilities regarding the entrepreneurship in visual media. Beside this, I learned what Video-making and wed-development are. All the participants got to know each other and to develop the abilities for public speaking, team work, and linguistic capacities. We had a lot of fun together-Emi Baciu



Hello, I’m Furkan from Turkey. I’m 21 and I’m studying Electrical and Electronics Engineering in Turkey. That was my 3rd project on Romania. I love Romania, the people, the cities.. The project was very instructive. Project’s subject was Entrepreneurship and Visual Media. This subject helped me to improve my media skills. I’d love to come to Romania as soon as possible. Thank you a lot of!Furkan Kurt




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