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Nowadays young people all around Europe are facing the challenge of the transition from education to employment. This is correlated by statistical facts that confirm that 8.7 million young people aged 15-29 are unemployed and 13.7 million are not in employment, education or training (NEETs) (ec.europa.eu/europe2020). This situation is influenced by economic factors, some countries being more affected by the recent past economic crisis, the rates for the youth unemployment varying from 40,3% (IT) to 12,6% (CZ), but also by the youth work done in communities to prepare the youngsters after they graduate face the challenges encountered when searching for a job. Labor market integration of young people can be positively shaped by the contribution in the communities of youth workers who can facilitate an active participation of youths and empower them to achieve their full potential. But for the youth workers to have a qualitative impact on the results and the learning opportunities of young people they must be empowered themselves first.


The goal of our project was to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes of 30 youth workers from 10 non-profit organizations from Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Macedonia, Poland and Slovakia on non-formal methods to empower young people to increase their employability by organizing a training course between 9 and 16 December 2017 in Baile Tusnad, Romania.

Objectives that were reached by the end of the project:

O1. Increased the level of knowledge, abilities and positive attitudes of 30 youth workers in applying non-formal methods to facilitate the access of youths in general, and young people with fewer opportunities in particular to the labor market.

O2. Have increased the capacities of the 10 partner NGOs in organizing events, activities and workshops for youths that can higher young people chances to access the labor market.

O3. Increased the number of digital and hard drive resources for youth workers regarding the non-formal methods of learning by creating a guide of non-formal activities to encourage the access of young people to the labor market.

Result and Impact:

This project enhanced the development of key competences for the members and volunteers of the partners NGO and their activity because all the volunteers and team members learned how to apply and use all the non-formal learning methods to tackle the youth unemployment. By creating and distributing the materials resulted from the project (The guide with nonformal methodology and techniques) to other NGOs youth workers, trainers, volunteers, but also online was raised the interest about how non-formal methods and tools work on making effective positive change in the context of European youth work.
Participants facilitate activities and workshops within Europe for youths in order to increase their competences when accessing the labour market, thusly contributing to one of the four strategic objectives of the framework Education and Training 2020 (ET 2010) focus “on increasing young people’s employability and enhance creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship”(http://ec.europa.eu/).


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