In Czech Republic, the volunteer of Four Links, Eliska Siskova organised a dissemination event in her highschool in order to present the projects’ results and to promote the youth work among her colleagues. She suggested that herself, as well as her colleagues being in the last year of high schools can empathize with youths who face the transition from education to labour market and want to contribute to the ease of the process.

In Estonia, the youth workers that participated in the training course disseminated the projects’ results using the method of interview. They approached the people on the street and told them about the project, as well they informed us they collected qualitative data from young people for a future project.

In Lithuania, Nedas Mockevicius organised a focus group with pupils about to graduate starting from the theme of the project in order to find out what kind of challenges they encounter and what solutions they can come up with.

In Slovakia, the participants of our training course organised a non-formal workshop for the pupils in the last year of high school in which they used the method of storytelling to promote Erasmus+ opportunities as an educational alternative after graduating.

In Macedonia the youth workers disseminate the project’ results through a testimonial published in the partner organisation newspaper.




























In Romania, the organising NGO disseminate the results in the local community through the local media. Also, Y.E.S. being partner in a strategic partnership project KA2 – “Intercultural Schools”, at a meeting disseminated the results of the project to 30 teachers and students.

Moreover, during a training course where the president of our NGO participated he disseminated among 30 youth workers the results of our project.




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