Our project through dissemination activities has helped to promote financial literacy among young people and the opportunities offered by the Erasmus + program. The participants carried out dissemination activities aimed at raising the awareness of the importance of financial literacy and about E + opportunities for young people in local communities.

Romanian participants disseminated the results of the project in their high school, where they organized a workshop. They presented the Erasmus + program and shared the experiences gained during the youth exchange to other young people attending the workshop. In the presentation, they showed the promotional video and organized activities with their colleagues. As a result of this dissemination, participants have made new contacts with youths in order to initiate a youth exchange that meets their needs. They also created a poster that they exhibited in the school lobby, so most of the pupils in Fundulea high school learned about the project and became interested in participating in future ones.

Young Europe Society has disseminated the results of the project to other youth workers, volunteers and experts working in the field of youth in a training course in France. A member of the association has shared the results of the project, the prospects and the new experience gained through its implementation, as well as the increased awareness reached of the topic of financial literacy among young people.

In Slovakia, during another project, the participants used the storytelling method to disseminate the experience gained during the “Mind Your Budget” project.

In Hungary, young participants organized an information event in the school. They illustrated the project’s results, the Youthpass certificates they had acquired and presented their favorite activities within the program. At the event, they wore the t-shirts with the project logo.

The young participants from the Czech Republic made an interactive PPT presentation through which they shared their experience with their colleagues. They also showed the video of the project and provided short testimonials about the project experience.


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