ROMANIA – Young Europe Society is a non-governmental non-profit organization that aims to contribute to the development of the youths by inspiring them a sense of active citizenship. Y.E.S. promotes mobility within and beyond Europe, non-formal learning and intercultural dialogue, and encourages the employability and inclusion of all young people, regardless of their educational, social and cultural background. Y.E.S. mission is to promote and bring added value to participative education and active citizenship, while developing solid partnerships with institutions, organizations and individuals that are active in the same field. Y.E.S.’s goal is to facilitate exchange of experiences between young people in order to raise the level of information, and tolerance, as well as to increase youngsters’ awareness with regards to different cultures and attitudes, promoting unity in diversity.


SLOVAKIA – Obcianske zdruzenie Innovus is non-government non-profit organisation, with its residence in  Lučenec, as the centre of historical region Novohrad, Slovakia. Due to the isolated and underdeveloped nature of the region its’ goal is to build up cooperation with local and foreign special youth organisations and communities, organising study sightseeing routes, developing activities at regional and national level, organising trainings, workshops, seminars and discussions, organising interest activities for children and youth.  Through the work and efforts done by its members, the organisation is connecting young people from across Europe and from various social, economic and ethnic background or from different disadvantaged groups through the use of various methods and tools, such as workshops, seminars, conferences, outdoor and sport activities. By promoting personal, professional and non-formal growth of young people as well as by organising and implementing various international exchanges Innovus seeks to support equality with identical opportunities as one of its most important values.


Youth for Youth has been founded in December 2015, working in the field of modern techniques of social communication in society using various methods of education (formal and non-formal). The organization was established to ensure the better education through every possible channel, higher awareness of local community, better communication, exchange of students, exchange of youth, education of citizens on environmental protection, promotion of European values and others. One of its biggest challenges is to promote youth work and include young people in international projects to enrich their life perspective, opportunities and integrate them as much as possible.


Legaramlat is a non-profit non-governmental organization founded in Budapest, Hungary by active university students to promote active lifestyle, create opportunities for their peers to try sports like sailing and paragliding in which organization members are highly experienced. The main goal is to provide young people with equal opportunities to participate in the events, projects organized by our organization and our partners to try out new sports they usually would not have an opportunity to do, to grow personally and professionally in safe non-formal learning contexts. The organisation seeks to show to young people that their world does not over with the walls of their communities, there are many different opportunities to get actively involved in Erasmus+ programme, to grow, learn, travel, get exposed to different cultures, try new things that they are usually deprived from. One of the main target groups are people facing fewer opportunities in order to create equal chances for everyone to participate in the events, projects organized by the organization and its partners. Its members aim to promote healthy active lifestyle, give a chance to youth to try out new sports through implementing various projects, support them with individual learning process, promote equality and social inclusion, active citizenship and tolerance towards cultural diversities.


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