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Outdoors Solidarity is a volunteering project funded by European Solidarity Corps. It was designed together with our three future volunteers Amine El Amrani from France, Zivile Cepulyte from Lithuania and Vlad Craescu from Romania. Their main interest to involve in a long term volunteering activity aimed to promote intercultural understanding through outdoor sport activities is to develop healthy behaviors and to contribute to the local community in a solidarity project.

All three future volunteers encountered physical problems asthma (Amine), reduced resistance to physical activities (Vlad) and obesity (Zivile) as a result of not balanced lifestyle and not enough outdoor sport activities. They are willing to devote one year to change their lives and patterns regarding healthy living and outdoor sports. As result to their physical problems, the three future volunteers experienced exclusion and low levels of self-esteem. In many situations they were bullied or decided to opt out from social activities based on the low self esteem they held.

A major motivation for them to involve in this project is the possibility to work with young people who are facing with exclusion and low self esteem and through outdoor activities to contribute to their better inclusion in society and increase their self-esteem. At the same time, having the chance to promote the opportunities of ESC and E+ to local young people can contribute to an increase of self esteem and inclusion of young people facing fewer opportunities in society.  


Our volunteering project for one year started on 7th of May 2019 in Miercurea-Ciuc,Romania . In the beginning of the project it was 3 of us: Amine,Vlad,Zivile but due to health issues Amine needed to go home, back in France for treatment. After Amine departured we had a new volunteer who joined with our project, his name is Mario Valm and his from Estonia.


  • Raise awareness through 40 outdoors sport activities about the importance of regular physical activity for a healthy lifestyle to min. 500 young people (10-20 persons/activity) aged 14-19 from the 5 communities;
  • Contribute to the development of cultural understanding competences among the young people from the 5 communities by using outdoor sport activities as a method of boosting intercultural understanding;
  • Capacit ate the three volunteers in using non-formal learning methods in implementing outdoor sport activities with young people aged 14-19 years old;
  • Contribute to the sensitization of the 5 local communities towards solidarity through practicing outdoor sport activities and break cultural barriers regarding foreigners.

After we came up with the workshops and we tried our best to design them in a way that children will have a lot of fun, we started going to schools and we visit schools in the next cities Toplita, Bilbor, Joseni, Borsec, Zetea, Corund, Subcetate, Danesti, Ditrau, Sanmartin, Corbu.


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