Participants from Czech Republic came from Střední odborná škola Luhačovice. Their dissemination activity took place in their school and gained over 50 attendees. They started with an energizer and continued with the presentation about the topic, sessions, study visit and what they have learned. This presentation was held by 6 participants with the help of the group leaders. At the end of the presentation, they showed the promotional video of the project.

Slovak participants did dissemination event in their local school- Gymnázium Františka Švantnera Nová Baňa. One week after the mobility participants did presentation about the topic of the projects, project results and shared their own experiences. During the presentation they showed promotional video and photos from the project. In the second part of their dissemination event they did a workshop how to use other senses in unleashing the memory and how to use these techniques in daily life. The workshop was a simulation of one session done during the activity and they used non-formal methods such as working in teams, brainstorming, followed by debriefing and small discussion at the end. Participants were very interested in this topic, especially older participants who will do their final exams this year.

Participants from Hungary, from Gyula attend high school Nicolae Bālcescu Román Gimnázium Általános Iskola és Kollégium presented and shared their memories they created during the project. They talked about sessions, intercultural nights, working in international and intercultural teams and fun time they had together. After the presentation they left space for questions.

Participants from Romania were students from local high school O.C.Taslanau. After they came back home, other students and teachers were interested what they have learned because the topic unlimited memory was very actual since it was beginning of the school year. They organized dissemination event in local school during one afternoon. Most of the participants were presented and were teaching other Tips and tricks how to learn more efficiently in shorter time. Other students found this workshop very useful and asked if they will have chance to join these projects in the future.


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