About our project

Vote for Earth  was a youth exchange organized by our organisation that started from the lack of information
among the young people about green-gas effects and the benefits of renewable energy sources.
The project aimed to increase the visibility of EU environmental policy by providing participants with the knowledge, skills and competencies that will help them understand the importance of reducing green-gas emissions in their day by day life.

The goal was  to organize a youth exchange, with the purpose of raising the awareness among youngsters about the effects generated by burning fossil fuels, promoting the importance of using renewable sources of energy. The youth exchange  brought together 48 young people and 12 group leaders from 6 countries, for 10 days in Balan- Romania.

Specific objectives:
To raise awareness among the participants about the effects generated by burning fossil fuels.
To capacitate the participants to promote the importance of using renewable sources of energy in their communities.
To increase the capacity of the partner organisations in the project to engage young people in transnational activities for protecting the environment.

Methods like brainstorming, strategic planning, besides various teambuilding games, simulation exercises, role play exercises, competitions, presentations, open discussion, facts and figures and creative work were implemented during the YE. Furthermore, the youngsters had the chance to learn more about culture in general, differences and similarities among different ones, as well as have a chance to develop a link and cooperation in the future.

The youth exchange took place in Bălan, a small town which lies in the Ciuc Depression. It is surrounded by the Hășmaș Mountains and provides a breathtaking view of the beautiful nature. The town’s altitude is 850 m; this rises to 1792 m at the highest peak of the Hășmaș Mountains and the town is crossed by the Olt River which originates from the near mountains. According to the census from 2011, it had a population of 5,864 of which 3,625 (61.82%) were Romanians, and 2,124 (36.22%) were Hungarians. It is situated 37 km away from Miercurea Ciuc, the county seat of Harghita County, 28 km away from Gheorgheni and 63 km away from the Red Lake, is the largest barrier lake which was formed in 1837 after a landslide blocked the Bicaz Valley. You can check the town’s official website here: http://www.orasulbalan.ro/



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