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MK – Volunteers Centre Skopje is a non-governmental youth organization created in 2005 by former EVS volunteers.The main goal of the organization is to give non-formal educational possibilities to the young people, in different fields, in local and international level; to promote the idea of volunteerism and to connect young people without reference to their nationality, religion, political, economical or social status. We are putting effort to develop a multicultural civil society, to reinforce the existing democratic structure, to enhance the affirmation of young people through their individual abilities and skills, and to connect the young people with the purpose of their closer cooperation


SK – Obciansky Spolok aims to develop social competences, developing, maintaining and support the interests, culture and free-time activities of Hungarian minority in South of Slovakia through creative programs and events. We as well focus to promote a better understanding of cultural diversity, helping our society to evolve from multicultural substance to intercultural one. We are active on a local and regional level, but we also organize large scale international activities cooperating with similar organizations in neighbouring county. Volunteers are working with all ages from different background and also cooperate with local grammar school of the Hungarian national minority.

CZECH REPUBLIC – Four Links, z.s. is a private non-profit and non-governmental organization with the headquarters in Brno, Czech Republic. The organization has been established by formerly active students in Erasmus Student Network (esn.org) during their university studies. The members of the organization have participated and organized various youth exchanges, trainings and seminars on the following topics: professional and personal development, entrepreneurship, media impact and how it shapes society’s opinion, active participation in both local and international communities, volunteering, multimedia, photography and video making.

Stowarzyszenie “Grupa Działania” focuses mainly on internation youth cooperation in frame of non-formal education but do cooperates also with many local players and institutions. Since the association creation, they do cooperate with 2 local associations. The common cooperation make possible the process of experience crossing, common support and exchange of ideas what is giving the organisation staff an extraordinary boost of motivation. Association “Grupa Dzialania” is cooperating also with local sport club and primary school.


Ifjúsági Nomád Klub Nonprofit kft.  The Ifjúsági Nomád Klub is the non-profit, non-governmental organization located in the capital of the Hungary, Budapest. It has been established by the fresh graduates formerly active in Erasmus Student Network (esn.org) during their university years. Therefore, our organization consist of people who are highly motivated and dedicated to the promotion of active lifestyle as the main key leading to the healthy and quality life. We employ informal and non-formal teaching as well as learning methods to broaden the outlook of young people and increase their involvement regarding to their choices on healthier lifestyle, active sports, outdoor activities such as mountaineering, hiking, camping and other.



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