Successful project in France by OFCI – Happy Business

 Friday, April 21, 2017

During 2-9 April 2017 the project “Happy Business” took place in Toulouse, France and it was organized by OFCI under the Erasmus+ program. Y.E.S. was one of the partner organizations and has sent 3 Romanian participants to discover more about social entrepeneurship. Andreea, Răzvan and Ștefan tell us more about their unforgettable experience they have lived together with young people from France, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia and Spain.

“The project in Toulouse was a success. The first day we arrived at the location we had a welcoming party. So we got the chance, from the first night, to see how funny and nice all the people from the project were, that night was like a teaser for the days that followed. Talking about the people there, they were very open, with great ideas and full of life. Everyone help each other, if you did not know something they taught you, if they did not know something you teach them. Everybody came with ideas, we presented and talked about those ideas in front of everyone and improve them when needed.

The location was well chosen and provided all the needed facilities, and besides that, we had places for recreational activities such as basketball, volleyball, swimming.

The trainers were also very friendly and open. If you needed something they always helped you, you could always rely on them. It was a very well organized project and also, the activities were interesting and they helped us to develop new skills. Through-out one week we learned about social entrepreneurship, we were encouraged to think and look at things from the perspective of a social entrepreneur, we worked in teams and had all sorts of activities that aimed this purpose. We developed, like that, our social and organizational skills, public speaking skills and team work.

Through the non-formal activities carried out we managed to get to know all participants and to tie very close friendships with some of them from the very beginning of the project.  Remember those pictures of multicultural groups of friends sitting on a patch of grass and smiling? Well, we did that. That’s what Erasmus + does. It takes you out of your routine life and transports you in one of those idealistic pictures you find on Google Images, and you’re right, it feels great to be part of that.

All in all, this project managed to link 29 people from 9 different countries, so that in the end they felt like a big and beautiful family that shared ideas, experiences, feelings and a very strong connection.”

Take a look at the following pictures and discover how awesome this project was!

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