Art of Social Innovators

15 - 23 August 2022 - Curteni. ROMANIA

A youth exchange about social entrepreneurship

The aim is to reunite 35 young people and 4 group leaders to a youth exchange mobility that will focus on the topic of circular economy and social innovation.


  1. Use nonformal learning methods to empower young people to explore the topic of circular economy and social innovation;

  2. Develop the eight key competences of the young participants;

  3. Apply the tools and methods developed during the ASI project in working with young people from rural areas.

  4. Improve English and intercultural competences.

For whom?

The project is available for anyone who is interested into the topic of social entrepreneurship and circular economy and is willing to work on the needs described above. NO high level of English is required to participate; moreover, the project will help in the development of English speaking skills. None of the participants or facilitators is native English speakers, so there is nothing to be afraid of 😊😊

The group componence will be the following:

Romania: 9 young participants aged 18-26 and one group leader aged over 18.

Spain: 9 young participants aged 18-26 and one group leader aged over 18.

Greece: 8 young participants aged 18-26 and one group leader aged over 18.

Portugal: 9 young participants aged 18-26 and one group leader aged over 18.

Venue, accommodation and meals

The youth exchange will take place in Curteni, a small town which lies in the heart of Transylvania. It is surrounded by the beautiful Transylvanian plain and provides a breathtaking view of nature. It represents the perfect place to connect with nature and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the place.

For the accommodation, we will face the facility of “Country Court”, which provides modern cabins, the restaurant, recreation space and a space for activities. It is a place surrounded by nature and beautiful landscapes.

Accommodation will be arranged in cabins for 4 people each, in bunk beds, gender separated. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be served at the same location every day, plus the coffee breaks. Each room has its own bathroom. Please bring your own towels, shower ger, shampoo and soap as the accommodation won’t provide those.

Being located in an isolated area, the venue won’t provide internet. However, if you have roaming you will be able to make calls or use internet. The good news is that in Romania you can get a SIM card with 100GB of mobile data for as low as 6 EUR. Please check in out here.

You can buy the SIM card in any Orange Shop in Romania and ask there for activation. You do not need an ID card to buy it and you do not need to connect a credit card to it in order to pay. Once you leave Romania the SIM card will be deactivated automatically because you won’t top it up anymore.


We will provide you with three meals/day and two coffee breaks. The meals will take into account all the participant's dietary aspects such as allergies, intolerance, and preferences. If you have any special requirements regarding food (allergies, intolerances, vegetarian, vegan, etc.) you are obliged to inform us in writing through the application form prior to the beginning of the mobility. Otherwise, we might not be able to accommodate your requirements. If you do not eat pork, we will provide you with a vegetarian menu.


Arrival in Curteni: 15 August 2022

Departure from Curteni: 23 August 2022

All the participants will have to arrange their transport to Targu Mures and back. The travel costs will be reimbursed after the project according to the amounts written below:

Romania: 23 EUR/ participant.

Spain: 350 EUR/ participant.

Greece: 270 EUR/ participant.

Portugal: 350 EUR/ participant.

Transport from Targu Mures to Curteni and back will be arranged by us with a contracted bus.

In order to be reimbursed each participant has to provide us the following:

  1. Flight confirmation email in pdf. version. (NO screenshots or photos). Name of traveler, route, date of travel and price must be displayed.

  2. Boarding pass in pdf. or printed.

  3. Bank extract of the payment, issued by your bank.

Something from inside the place

Before getting into more general information, have a look at the experience of other young people who took part in a project organised this year and get a feeling of what is to be there. Be part of our next adventure and sign up now.

General aspects


Groups of participants from each country are required to organize a dissemination event in their community or school to communicate the result of the youth exchange to the community. Participants are encouraged to do a presentation of any kind in order to show their learning process and experiences they had in the project.

A special introductory preparation on how to do this will be presented by the project team in one of the activity days.

Weather and dress code

In the area of Curteni, the average temperature in August are between 22 °C and 30 °C. Please check for more updated information about the weather. Please bring casual comfortable sportswear, slippers or sneakers for indoor and comfortable shoes for outdoor activities, we suggest you to bring hiking boots. According to the meteorological release, we do not expect rain during our mobility, but you never know, so you could pack a waterproof jacket just in case.

Intercultural evenings

Each country is expected to prepare a short program to present their culture and eventually to bring some typical local drinks and snacks. The intercultural evening is the time when participants have the opportunity to get to know each other’s culture better in an informal context. We encourage the participants to be as creative as possible in presenting their culture, to use theatre, dances or live presentations. We do not provide video-projector for this event and any kind of promotional video or power point presentation will be presented exclusively in spare time.

Travel insurance and covid-19

All the participants are required to have a valid travel insurance for the whole period of the projects including the travel days. The insurance must cover:

  • Third-party liability

  • Lost or stolen baggage.

  • Accident and serious illness.

We cannot accept participants without travel insurance. Supplementary, we also recommend our participants to get the European health insurance card. To minimize the risk of covid-19 infections we will hold as many activities as possible outside. The whole accommodation unit will be rented only for the purpose of our project, without foreign guests. Being a project applied in 2019, our budget does not cover the potential cost of covid-19 tests or other quarantine costs. We highly recommend you to get a covid-19 vaccine to minimize even more any risk connected to covid.

Please check with your Emabssy whether or not you are required to have a covid negative test result to enter Romania and to go back to your country without restrictions. If necessary, we will help you to get tested in a centre before departure from the project.

We cannot refund the cost of cancelled flights, therefore it is your responsibility to contact the airline for a refund in case of cancelled/ delayed flights.

Apply by filling in the form bellow: