Paragliding For All

Context and objectives

Tandem paragliding with disabled people is rare in the four countries involved in this project (RO, HU, FR and CZ). The percentage of tandem paragliding flights with disabled peoples was under 1% in 2018, in all 4 countries involved in the project. Tandem flights with passengers facing disability is mostly done using wheelchairs or trikes, which, for safety reasons, need a very flat and homogenous landing place. Our project proves that with proper knowledge, most of the people facing disability can fly safely in a normal passenger harness with airbag or foam protector and with use of two assistants at the take-off. Our approach sharply increase the no. of flying places where tandems can be safely conducted with disabled people, in fact all places used for tandem paragliding are suitable, the quality of the landing place is not more of vital importance for safety. This approach to paragliding tandem flying with disabled people opens a lot of possibilities. To demonstrate the above mentioned theory, two tandem pilots: Sarig Istvan from Aeroclubul Turbulencia and Manu Cristian from Young Europe Society (YES) flew 24 tandem flights with people facing disability in RO, HU, FR and CZ.

Reached objectives:

O1-An increase by more than 80% the number of flying sites that can be used for paragliding with disabled peoples in the EU, by creating and online publishing a detailed methodology of tandem paragliding with disabled people without using trikes and wheelchairs, in which the used procedures and the suitable disabilities/disorders for this type of flying were clearly explained;

O2-We have strengthen the link between legal entities involved in tandem paragliding (sport clubs, paragliding schools, national paragliding authorities) and disabled peoples legal entities (NGOs working with peoples with disabilities and disabled peoples national authorities), in all the four countries involved in the project (RO, HU, FR and CZ);

O3-We have conducted free of charge 24 tandem flights for people facing disability in each participating country as an excellent mean to prove tandem paragliding is a sport perfectly suitable for disabled people.